Creative Janes
Lana has now added portraits to her repertoire! She's drawing them on her Ipad using the Sketchbook Pro program. (To see a sample of her work, go to our Portfolio page!)
So, Lana's had several fantastic looking logos that she's created lately; she also did an awesome t-shirt design for her daughters' grade school and is hoping to start working with a local store on some t-shirt designs for them. (Note to self: ask Lana to send over some jpegs of the gradeschool t-shirt design to post in our portfolio.)

Amber has also been writing away, on paid magazine freelance jobs as well as some of her personal stuff that she hopes to get published in the next couple of years. She'd like to get more layout jobs, but for now, she's volunteering for her school's PTO by laying out the PTO newsletter, which comes out twice a month or so.

Life is good!